US Company Offers RFID Chip Implants

A small US corporation (32M) is offering free RFID chip implants to its employees. The goal of the program is to allow an easier payment option at the company’s breakroom micro-market store, similar to self checkout options found in supermarkets and fitness centers. The CEO describes the program’s inception;


“When working with our operators over in Europe, we came across a company of chipped employees at BioHax International and the concept of using RFID with micro markets quickly grew,” commented 32M VP of International Sales, Tony Danna.  “We see chip technology as the next evolution in payment systems, much like micro markets have steadily replaced vending machines. As a leader in micro market technology, it is important that 32M continues leading the way with advancements such as chip implants” added Mr. Westby.


Here’s an example of a typical micro-market;


Image result for 32m micromarket photo


The following linked articled describes the program in more detail;



In the sample photo above, the checkout would be accomplished by presenting your hand for payment.


We are warned in the Book of Revelation, written by the Apostle John in c. 85 AD, about just such a system that will be made mandatory to control all buying and selling;


… it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.


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Biometric Ids – a Step towards the Last Days


Although I can lay no claim to being a prophet in this matter, it’s been clear to me since the 1980’s precisely how the prophecy found in Revelation 13:16-17 will be fulfilled. So to start, let’s look at exactly what that prophecy actually says;

He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, … 

The “He” referred to at the start of the verse is the 2nd Beast, often also referred to as the False Prophet. Well, it says that this False Prophet will require that everyone must have a mark on their right hand or forehead, and without that mark, you will be unable to buy or sell anything at all. How do I see this prophecy being implemented today? Through what’s known as biometric identification. Common methods in use today utilize fingerprint scanning, such as on your mobile phone. But there are problems with fingerprints, not the least being that they can be copied and reproduced by people intent on stealing what is rightfully your property.

So, those involved in biometrics have also been looking at more secure methods of identification, not so easily stolen and copied. One of these is called palm-vein scanning. It works by placing your hand on an infrared reading device and digitally recording the actual pattern of the veins in your palm (hand). Here’s a video that shows how the process is accomplished in a health care setting;


This method of biometric identification has already been introduced into about 7.5% of US hospitals and healthcare centers. It’s actually been in use at the Carolinas Healthcare System since 2007.

Let me assure you that there is nothing wrong in having your hand scanned in this manner. Why? Because there’s no mark involved. We will clearly know when the infamous mark is introduced because it will be mandatory, and both the False Prophet and the Antichrist himself will be known and on the scene. Personally, I see absolutely no reason not to go ahead and participate in this system when it arrives at your local hospital or health care center. Palm-vein scanning is taking off in a big way in medical settings and I’d be surprised if you aren’t confronted by one by 2020 at the latest.

In addition to hospitals, this method of biometric identification is beginning to show its face in commercial areas, such as in your local coffee shop. Here’s an example of a new start up company in Chicago called Keyo;

And there are many more companies pushing this technology forward. To give you an idea of how they picture the world of the future, here’s another brief video;


Facial identification is also prospering and advancing rapidly as another successful form of identification. In fact, I see the world we live in quickly moving forward to making both of these biometrics ubiquitous.

In the title of this piece, I called this progress towards universal biometric identification a step towards the Last Days. The Bible has a fearsome warning to anyone who accepts the mark that will ultimately be forced upon us once these systems are fully installed and accepted;

“Anyone… who accepts his mark on the forehead or on the hand must drink the wine of God’s anger. It has been poured full strength into God’s cup of wrath. And they will be tormented with fire and burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb. The smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever, and they will have no relief day or night, for they … have accepted the mark of his name.” Revelation 14:9-11



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Ken Peters – I Saw the Tribulation

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No Meat On Fridays!

My wife was born after WWII and grew attending the Roman Catholic Church every Sunday. But when it came to Vatican II, she couldn’t understand why the changes were being made. I’ve spoken to several Catholics who have expressed the same sentiments.

She tells me that the final straw was the ” no eating meat on Fridays” change. She was brought up eating fish on Fridays and when the change was made, she thought that if they could just change all these seemingly fixed principles of the religion, then nothing else about it was necessarily sacred or true. So she ate her first Friday hamburger and quit attending completely. Nobody seemed to miss her, nobody called to check on her well-being. Pastoral care seems like it was completely missing to me.

But that isn’t the end of the story! After she and I married in the mid-70’s (I was a Zen-Buddhist at the time), we attended a Marriage Encounter weekend. An amazing experience on its own, we both learned much about ourselves and how to truly communicate in a loving way. But for my wife, this was a truly special weekend – she had a vision of the Lord Jesus, in all His glory. Needless to say, it changed her forever.

She was instantly filled with a love for Him, and she thought where to go to learn more about Jesus? To the Roman Catholic Church, of course! So she fully returned to the church, attending Mass daily at some points. This lasted for about 3 years, but the longer she went to Mass, the more she felt the vision of Jesus fading from her. Even daily attendance at Mass didn’t help.

Then one day, a friend of hers suggested that she come with her to a meeting of “Jewish Christians” out on Long Island, east of NY city. Jewish Christians she asked herself? How could Jews be Christians? Well, she went nonetheless. It was a Messianic Fellowship of Jews and Gentiles who were born again. She heard the teaching of the Bible in a new and living way. And when she heard another person speaking in tongues, she knew that she had found her new church home. The sound of tongues being spoken reminded her of her experience during her vision of the Lord where she had been baptized in the Holy Spirit.

At last, someone explained to her that during her vision the Holy Spirit had entered her and taken up residence within her. She learned that she was born again, just as Jesus had spoken of in John 3. About a year later, after much intercessory prayer, I too heard the voice of God literally speaking to me as I attended a Zen Buddhist retreat, and my life has never been the same since.

It seems that the Roman Catholic Church has lost the keys to the kingdom. Peter heard them in his mind as he spoke in answer to Jesus’ question;

“Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

We must all hear the living Word of God spoken to us by Him. If God has not reached down and touched you, then I’m sorry to say that you are following the broad path that leads to destruction. I am a person of no reputation, I am a sinner saved by God’s grace. He reached down and spoke to me because I was searching to find Him. You can too. Seek with all of your heart and He will answer you, just as He did my wife and myself.


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“My Son, Jesus, Has Already Done It All”

Dave Roland

The title to this article is the words that God spoke into my mind on the day that I was saved, born-again, and first heard God’s voice.

My personal search to find God involved many years in the practice of various spiritual doctrines and disciplines. I deliberately say “practice”, rather than “study”. Why? Well, I certainly spent some time reading and acquainting myself before jumping into each new fire. However, for me, I was searching for a REAL experience that would demonstrate that I had indeed met the true God.

In my early teenage years, I already sensed that I was imperfect and not in communion with God. A sinner, I would have called it had I been brought up in a Christian environment, instead of having a mother and father who were both atheists. How then to reach that God, and experience the undoubted joy, light, purpose, blessing, etc., that I knew I would feel when the true God became a real entity to me?

I started with left wing politics – not a religious pursuit you might say? Not so, since the underpinning of socialism is that man is fundamentally good, and that it is the competitive nature of the capitalist system that causes all our flaws. In a socialist system there is no God, so it is within man’s ability to build a non-competitive paradise here on earth. And so, I marched, and organized, and attempted to convince my fellow oppressed friends and co-workers. But after a few years of this activity, it occurred to me that;

  • The leaders of the left wing groups that I admired appeared to be no closer to happiness or satisfaction, and definitely not the truth, than anyone else. They often made policy statements that were proved to be wrong, or lies, or both.
  • The existing socialist countries that had the longest time to implement their policies (e.g. the USSR, China, etc.) and thereby remove the evil effects of capitalism, appeared to be in no better shape than the USA or the UK, for example.

So this was when I met Hatha (physical exercise) Yoga, and subsequently Raja (meditational) Yoga, two Hindu practices that promise to provide a path to meet the true God. Both gave me a short but pleasant feeling of peace, and for me this was a lot closer to my goal. After all, if I found God, wouldn’t He be in utter peace? If this was a game of hide and seek, I was surely at least a little hotter. The only problems with these two disciplines were as follows;

  • The feelings of peace were fleeting, at best. And I would feel just the same as before whenever I stopped the required physical or mental exercise.
  • I was left still feeling the same old “sinful” desires that I started out with, i.e. I wanted to repeat every remotely pleasurable habit on a continual basis. Those desires and habitual actions definitely weren’t a path to peace.

So it occurred to me that perhaps if I tried much harder at the more serious Raja Yoga, perhaps I would see more success in controlling my desires for earthly pleasures. Consequently, through being introduced by a close friend to a book written about a Hindu guru named Ramana Maharshi, I unknowingly found my way into Zen Buddhism, perhaps the most intense and determined form of meditational practice in the world. Although Ramana Maharshi would have told you that he was a Hindu, at its core, there’s very little difference between the Hindu religion and Zen Buddhism. Some of their practices, such as their belief that meditation will lead you to God, are identical.

And something even more important that I should mention before continuing is that Yoga, Hinduism, and Buddhism, all agree with socialism on one critically fundamental factor – that man is basically good at his core. Except that the former believe that man’s mind (a.k.a. his ego) stands in the way of his realizing this goodness, and that what one needs to do to meet the true God (reach Nirvana) is eradicate the mind/ego, or realize that it doesn’t really exist, and then one reaches Enlightenment – their version of meeting and living with the true God.

So, off I went into a 12 year practice of Zen Buddhism. However, at the end of the 12 years, I found myself no nearer to enlightenment (or Nirvana) than I was at the start of my efforts. It seemed that the harder I worked to obtain my own salvation through meditation, the more my frustration with the lack of hard results increased. That is, until I reached a permanently, life changing experience on a Zen retreat. During this 3-day intensive session, I started to realize that even the best of my efforts might not result in my breaking the cycle of birth and rebirth, at least during this current lifetime. And after all, even though we may say it doesn’t matter when enlightenment is achieved, we all want to get there now, or at least before we die.

I began to seriously consider that when the Bible says, “it is appointed to man once to die, and after that the judgement”, perhaps it might be correct. And where would that leave me in God’s eyes? Still a sinner, separate from Him. And as I began to give this idea serious consideration, God reached down in His unlimited grace and favoured me by revealing that His Son, Jesus, had already paid the price for my salvation (enlightenment) with His sacrificial death, and through His resurrection had shown me the way to the salvation I was so desperately, and unsuccessfully, seeking through my own efforts and works. This was supernaturally revealed to me through the Roshi who led the Zen Buddhist temple that I was attending in Manhattan, NY. God caused him to stand up, during an encouragement talk or sermon, that he was delivering on the Sunday morning of a retreat. During the talk, the Roshi stood and lifted his arms up, as if he were Jesus on the cross, and said these words, “If you have faith in Jesus Christ, you can be saved”.

At that moment, God, Himself, spoke to me for the first time in my 30 year old life! I’d never heard a voice speak to me in my mind before. This absolutely wasn’t part of the daily stream of conscious thoughts that runs through all of our minds. He clearly said the following to me;

“My Son, Jesus, has already done it all (for you). “

And that was all that He said. It resonated in my mind, quite obviously, since I can still repeat the words to you today, 32 years later. I can only describe the experience I had as follows; the Holy Spirit entered into me, and told me that Jesus had already done what I was forlornly seeking to achieve myself. The Buddha is only a guide, he doesn’t offer to do the work for you – and I only had to follow Jesus since the work had been done for me. What a relief! Peace, finally! And although I left the retreat thinking to myself that I was still a Zen Buddhist, I soon discovered, within days, that God had changed me from within – I was “born-again”, as it says in the Bible.

If you are seeking like I was, look to accept and follow Jesus. He has done everything necessary for you, and all you need to do is give your life to Him, and He will do the remainder.

As Jesus said, “All you who are heavy laden, come to me, and I will give you rest”.

If you have any questions about my story, please consider contacting me at I’d be pleased to try to answer your question(s).


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Horror in the USA?

Dear Friends and Readers,

I write this with quite some trepidation. I’m a glass half-full type of guy. Consequently I naturally and instinctively look and see the positive in the future. I’ve never been the type of person who dwells on the bad experiences and influences from my past. In fact, one of my all-time favourite songs is this one;

I hope that Johnny Nash oldie boosted your spirit because I’m afraid that what I have to say about the possible future of the USA is not for the squeamish or for those who have a tendency to worry about events that are; a) out of your control, and b) in the future. It might be better if you just skipped this entry and went on to read about a more pleasant topic. I mean this 100% seriously – please skip the remainder of this entry if bad news about violence upsets you!

Now, from this point onwards, I trust that I’m addressing those of us with the stronger constitutions.

I don’t consider myself as an enemy of President Obama, even though I voted for John McCain in 2008 and for Mitt Romney in 2012. Many folks have literally mocked me when I’ve stated my true feelings about why Barack Obama was elected with a strong majority on both occasions, with a 53-47% margin in 2008, and 51-47% in 2012.

President Obama is a judgement from God on the USA.

I rather fear that the USA, and I mean specifically the citizens of our country, will have to pay in blood for the calculated inaction of our President. If you have been closely following the wars in Syria and Iraq and the growth of ISIS, you will have seen some of their tactics in action. And unfortunately, when it is to their advantage, they will not hesitate to use the same terror in Houston, in Detroit, in Washington DC., and in New York. Not to leave out London, Paris, and Madrid. Any country that does not have secure control of its borders and/or substantial domestic Muslim populations, will be subject to the terrifying results of extremist Islamic theology.

ISIS’ weapon of choice when they want to soften up a future target? SVBIEDs and VBIEDs. Are you unsure what those letters stand for? I’m sorry to say that I fear that before long (6 mos, 12 mos, 15 mos?), those letters will strike the same fear in the hearts of Americans that they currently do in the minds of innocent and law-abiding civilians in Syria and Iraq. For the happily uninitiated, here’s a full translation;

VBIED – Vehicle Bomb, Improvised Explosive Device, and its brother or sister,

SVBIED – Suicide Vehicle Bomb, Improvised Explosive Device.

And here is a chilling example, no blood or gore pictured in the video, but chilling nonetheless. By the way, Green is the colour of Islam, and a prominent colour in biblical end times (the Green Horse);

When, at first, I heard the first few, forward thinkers proposing that it might be possible that we had a Sunni Muslim residing in our White House, I thought, nah! … it can’t be. But the more ridiculous our Foreign Policy becomes, the more it makes sense. What else could be the source of the following strange confluence of US foreign policy and inaction? How else to explain his quite obvious dislike of Israel? His opposition to an anti-Muslim Brotherhood military government in Egypt? His fatal support of the Arab Spring revolts that have led to the rise of Muslim terrorism in every Arab country? And, most recently, his refusal to help the democratically elected Shia government in Iraq?

Compare the US President to his opposite number in Russia, Vladimir Putin; a leader who would look perfectly at home sitting in a New York mob hangout,  an old-fashioned brutal, non-democratic dictator, who is following in the steps of Stalin and Mao. Putin stood solidly by the side of Assad (a non-Sunni) – and had President Obama joined Russia in condemning the revolution, there would probably be no ISIS today. Make no mistake; Assad is utterly brutal. He would have destroyed ISIS in the only way that it is possible to end their reign of deliberate, practiced and calculated terror.

Assad would have exterminated every one of them. Sooner or later, someone will have to do just that. That is unless you think that we will be able to negotiate them out of existence? We have now joined in a coalition with the supposedly moderate Islamic states with the announced goal of “neutralizing the ISIS threat”. Let us hope and pray that we are successful in that goal.

But, very unhappily, I have to warn everyone reading this article, we too will soon experience the results of our President’s inaction in securing our southern borders and his mistaken belief that we could sit on the sidelines of the Syrian Civil War without experiencing some of the horrifying effects of war with extremist Islam.

In Jesus’ precious name,


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Britain abandons Israel

I was saddened to read today that Britain has decided to refuse to sell arms to Israel given another war with Hamas. And, of course, there will be.
This was a bit predictable, given the following buildup;
1 – Steadily increasing Muslim population in many of Britain’s cities and towns, such as Bradford, Birmingham, etc. Islam is now the 2nd largest religion in Britain, now constituting 4.4% of the total population.

2 – Steadily increasing Muslim investment in Britain by such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Sheikdoms.

3 – The London financial markets partial dependence on Islamic financial investments and trade. London was the first center to create a specifically Muslim type of investment bond that satisfies Islamic requirements.

4 – The slanted pro-Palestinian coverage of the war by the BBC, a central and extremely influential news source for most Britons.

5 – The large pro-Palestinian demonstrations in London by Islamic and left-wing forces.

I could see this coming. Nonetheless, it’s still saddening to me as an ex-citizen of Great Britain. Overall, in the 30-day 2014 War, there were about 2,000 Palestinian deaths. Of those 2,000, fully 47% of those killed were Hamas operatives, leaving approximately 1,100 civilian deaths from a war in which Hamas fired 3,460 rockets at heavily populated Israeli cities and towns.
Israel acted like no other army ever in the world by doing everything possible to minimize civilian casualties. They telephoned sites with a verbal warning to evacuate prior to attacking them, they fired dummy flares that would hit the site involved before the attack to notify civilians of the impending strike, they leafleted and publicized on TV and Radio where they were about to strike, warning civilians to flee the area.
Hamas was in total contrast to the IDF’s concern for innocent casualties. They never once warned Israel of an impending attack by rocket or when they sneaked into Israel via tunnel in Israeli uniforms (a war violation). All their attacks were aimed at causing civilian damages, only when they ran into soldiers by mistake was there a battle with Israeli soldiers. In fact, it’s been discovered that Hamas financed the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenage boys that started this conflagration. Israel caught one of the Hamas operatives involved and he confessed that Hamas funded the entire operation.
Hamas didn’t provoke this war to attack Israel’s army. Their intention from the beginning was to win the war in the media and to attempt to turn the world against Israel in the eyes of the world’s public, and in that, they were supremely successful. In the BBC and in most of the British media, you could hardly recognize what was really occurring on the ground given the pro-Hamas slant in their reporting. Everything was primarily covered as an attack by Israel against defenseless Gazan civilians as opposed to what it really was; Israel defending itself from terrorist attacks.
Here’s how another British media outlet sees the BBC coverage;

“It’s the moral equivalence which is so devastating. When Egypt this week proposed its ceasefire in Gaza, a BBC presenter asked whether both sides would now conclude that there was no point carrying on with the war. From the start, restraint has been urged on both sides — as if more than 1,100 rocket attacks on Israel in three weeks had the same weight as trying to stop this onslaught once and for all.

Israel has been bombing Gaza solely to stop Hamas and its associates from trying to kill Israeli citizens. But for many in the West, the driving necessity is not to stop Hamas but to stop Israel.

Moral equivalence morphs instantly into moral bankruptcy. People have looked at the casualty count — around 200 Palestinians killed at the time of writing, while only a handful of Israelis have been injured or killed — and decided that this proves Israel is a monstrous aggressor.

No concern at all for the Israelis who have only a few seconds to rush to a shelter when the sirens start to wail, car drivers flinging themselves to the ground at the side of the road. No concern for the elderly or dis-abled Israelis who can’t get to a shelter, the hospital patients left helpless while the rockets slam into the ground nearby.”

The above taken from a report on BBC media bias by The Spectator.

Although supremely unfair, Britain’s action is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy – in the Book of the prophet Zechariah, it is predicted that “all the nations of the earth will be gathered against Israel”. The context of this prophecy is the end times, yet another fulfillment that indicates that we are rapidly approaching the close of humanity’s reign on the earth. Soon, the Lord Jesus will return to gather up His bride, all those who are born again, all those who have given their hearts and lives over to Him.
As it states at the end of the Book of Revelation, in the penultimate sentence in the entire Bible;
“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”
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Update On ISIS

I was reading an article from Reuters on the new US involvement in Iraq – imo it’s a very positive development. The world won’t run itself without our interference, especially when we are facing problems that can be at least partially influenced by our military force. Anyway, the following quote caught my eye – it’s from an ISIS leader who is commenting on the first couple of US airstrikes;

“The planes attack positions they think are strategic, but this is not how we operate. We are trained for guerrilla street war,” he said. “God is with us and our promise is heaven. When we are promised heaven, do you think death will stop us?”

Unfortunately this is a typical extremist Islamic position, and when I say extremist, that doesn’t mean that there are only a few of them. Many Muslims are “good” people, to the degree that any of us are good. They are as good as you and me, or better in regard to morality. They don’t steal, lie, rob or kill people. But there’s a large number of believers in Allah who look at Islam from the “I must be a martyr to see God” viewpoint. It’s a culture of death, very weird from a Western ideology, but it exists.

Their worldview is so diametrically opposed to ours (a Western worldview) that there can be no discussions that will resolve the differences. It’s just like the Islamic invasion of Spain in 711 AD that conquered most of Spain and France that wasn’t finally repulsed until 975 AD. Islamic believers are instructed to conquer the world, and that includes us.

If anyone still needs to be convinced of the danger of extremist Islamic thought, here’s a thought provoking interview with an unsuccessful suicide bomber;


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